Sunday, 3 July 2011

June 2011 Holiday in Thailand

Hello guys, by posting this blog, it means that I'm posting my first blog. I'm not so professional in writing these things, so don't get mad if it's boring, hahaha.

So, where have you been for your school holiday? Some will say 'America' , some will say 'Paris' or some will say 'Malaysia'. Well, it doesn't matter where did we go because it's just the same right? Maybe some of you will only stay at your home, but that's holiday too because you do all the things you don't do during your school time. For example, you went to stay at the mountaintop with your family. That's holiday too!!

So, I wanna talk about my previous holiday I spent on last June. Yeah I know it has been a long time, but only today I get my time to post it.

Well, 4th June 2011 is my first day in Thailand. I took the 5AM van from Penang to Thailand and I arrived at the border of Thailand at around 8PM (Thailand time is the same with Indonesia time). I'm surprised when I arrived there. The queue is as long as I-don't-know-what. Then I stuck at line 1 of SadaoThailand border. Yeah, i queued up for almost 1 hour and nothing happened. No movement at all. Arguement started, some of them fought and the security came. After queuing for 2 hours, finally I escaped from that crowd.

The time was 11AM that time, so I decided to check in at Lee Garden Plaza Hotel. After I checked in, I went to meet my friend because they said they wanted to meet up in Hatyai. After we met, we decided to eat first. Luckily it's not far from my hotel because I'm so hungry that time. We crossed the road and then entered a very crowded 'kopitiam' which sell 'kwetiau'. What make the 'kwetiau' different is the soup. The soup is chocolate in color!!

We finished the 'kwetiau' then my friends told me that the soup is made from pig's blood! WHAT? Yes, it's pig's blood. But never mind, that's delicious. Besides, I can't find this food in my country, Indonesia, or even in Malaysia. So, no regret for trying that food.

Next, my parents went to the surgery doctor to do their eyes, and I don't know what's the name of that surgery. While my parents was having the surgery, me and my friends (one of them is Santhiti Sirisawat, sometimes we call her Mek) went to Robinson Plaza and we ate again! But this time was different. We went to a very popular restaurant in Thailand called MK Restaurant.

MK Restaurant sells duck and steamboat. They also sells 'Green Noodles' which made from I don't know what is the ingredients LOL.The foods there are so delicious, so I recommended you guys to try when you guys visit Thailand. The price is also not very expensive. We were 4 people and they only charged 900++ THB.

The time's showing 3AM after we finished our foods, then I went back to hotel to take my shower while my friends needed to go back to Penang, Malaysia that time. After I took my shower, I went to the surgery centre to pick my parents. After they finished, we went to eat in front of our hotel. Roadside culinar!! We ate a lot of things there. Nothing I can write when I eat, so let's jump. After we finished eating, we went back to hotel to rest. Just called it a day

5 June 2011
It's 7 early in the morning and I'm still in Hatyai. I took my shower and rush to the restaurant for my breakfast with my whole family. After we finished our very heavy breakfast, we headed back to the surgery centre because the nurse needed to clean my parents eyes. Then, my sisters and parents went to somewhere. I got bored, so I went back to hotel for a nap or maybe watch Thai TV channels. Then I remembered that my friends, Cin and Mook (they are sister), ask me to contact them when I'm in Thailand. So I contacted them via Twitter. So, 5PM at McDonald of Lee Garden Plaza Hotel for our dinner at seaside.

I told my mom that this is not a very great holiday, so my mom searched for a tour for tomorrow. Finally, we decided to go to Krabi for 3 days 2 nights. The time was showing 4PM and I took my shower and waited for Cin to pick me up. Her father was the one who drive me and my family outstation to Sirada Koyo for a very wonderful dinner. Sirada Koyo is a very famous palce to eat seafood. And according to Cin, it's not too expensive.

Although my parents and their parents don't know how to communicate with each other, but we have a translator there because me, cin and mook are the translators LOL. And for sure, we had the quality time. After we finished. we took a picture. Here you go:

*my mom and dad were using sunglasses because of that surgery. sorry for that
So, it has been a day and we went back to our hotel. Big thanks to Cin's family!!

6 June 2011
My cellphone was beside me and the time was showing 6AM. As usual, I took my bath and ate my breakfast in the hotel. After that, we went to the travel to wait for our bus. It's 8AM and our van arrived. We got to the van and headed to Ao-Nang Krabi. I thought it will be another disaster holiday. Along my way to Krabi, I took my Blackberry out and chatted with one of Indonesia singer, Muhammad Ilham Fauzi, via BBM.

4 hours journey and finally we arrived. I thought it will be another disaster holiday, but I was wrong. The view is incredible! We arrived at a 3-star resort, Srisuksant Resort, but it looks like 5-stars resort. This is crazy! We put our things and rushed to the street and walked to see what we can eat now. There is a lot of western restaurant along the road, so I don't need to be worried about what to eat tonight.

We ate at Swensens' for tea time and went back to the hotel. I'm so tired that time, so my parents decided to take the 'becak'. But the becak is different there. Here's the picture

Then we realized that there's a big sea in front of our resort. But that time, the sea was receding. So we can walk a mile away from the seaside. Here's the picture I took when I walked a mile away.

7 June 2011
Okay, waking up in Ao-Nang Krabi at 6AM. As usual again, shower and breakfast. Ah, the restaurant is beside the swimming pool and they have a very unique chair, the 3-feet chair. I forgot to take the picture, sorry for that.
I just knew that our tour included the private boat to the 4 islands. 8AM and we started our crazy trip again.
The first destination is the Breaking Ocean ( 'Ta Le Wek' in Tha language). Breaking Ocean? Yes, I'm serious about the breaking island in the middle of the sea. I know you won't believe me, so I throw you some pictures. Check it out.

*see that people walking behind me in the middle of the ocean? Is that crazy?

* see I don't lie you, the ocean is breaking!!!

And don't forget to try the fish feeding too!

The, our next stop is the Chicken Island, but I don't took some picture because we don't stop there. Too dangerous that time.But, you can search the picture in Google. Just type 'Chicken Island' and you will see an island looks like chicken, especially the head.

Okay, next stop, Poda Island for my lunch. It's a very deep ocean, but suitable for snorkeling (ga tau pronounce-nya bner ga). But I don't do the snorkling* because I don't take any cloth for change that time. But, I took some picture too.

Okay, the last stop. I don't know what's the island name, but there's a history in this island. For those who don't like the history, just jump that part.

Once upon a time, there were a princess and 2 men from different country in that island. Both of the men liked the princess, so they fought each other with the Muay Thai or Thai boxing. But unfortunately, both of them die. The princess was so upset and stay in a cave. One day, the cave collapsed and the princess was trapped and die inside the cave.
Then, all the villagers make a statue of the princess outside the cave as a respect to the princess. Many people pray for the princess nowadays. They said, if you want something, you can say to this princess. But when your wish come true, you need to give the princess some flowers or fragant woods.
The fishermen also believe that the princess can help them, so they always pray for the princess and hope for more fish and come back safely before the go fishing. I can't take the picture there because it's too spooky there. Some people said if you're in good luck, you can see the princess standing in front of the cave near to the sea, or you can see the princess' face from far on the cave wall.

I don't really care about that, but I pray for the princess death as my respect to her.
Then, we saw the floating restaurant. Yeah, Indonesia has floating market, Thailand has floating restaurant haha!
 * this is the cave where the princess was trapped and die inside from far.

* here is the floating snack restaurant. They sell seafood satays and BBQ corn with relatively cheap price!

But don't try to go to the Grotto cafe because a fresh coconut charged you about 200 THB which is equalled to RM 20. But the restroom is so high-class haha. The tissue is from cloth!
So, we reached the end of the program. We go back to our resort, but the time is still 2PM. So, we went to the roadside to eat some snacks where we can't find it in Indonesia (I guess). I'm so full, then we went back to hotel and took a very long rest.

8 June 2011
We went back to Hatyai at 10AM and arrived at around 2PM. I met my HC friend and we ate at Swensens again, but this time was so cheap. I ate a lot and they only charged 200 THB, that time they charged me 450 THB. Maybe because Krabi is tourist spot and Hatyai is not. I can understand that haha.
*here is the boiling fudge fondee :)

At night, we ate at the Sky Buffet Restaurant at 33rd floor of Lee Garden Plaza Hotel. It's a nice view and it's so cheap!! You can eat everything you want with only 149 THB (RM 15 or Rp. 45,000)
After finished our dinner, we went back to 2401 room and take a rest.

9 June 2011
Okay, holiday time is over and I went back to Penang. Back to my daily life, but still holiday in my own apartment because school starts on 12 June 2011

So, how's your holiday? Tell me then, or send me the link!! I will read it too.

*Sorry if my first blog is a completely disaster, first time writing :) hope I can be better.
I promise I will post the picture I haven't posted the other day. Probably after I get those pictures.
Thankyou for reading. Have a nice day!!